- Saint-Paul Recreation Park
Ball Field
Throughout the summer, the
ball field is used almost every
Thursday night for a friendly
ball game open to anyone
who would like to play. It is
also used for ball tournaments
throughout the summer.
This park, the pride of Saint-Paul, is located at 6663 Route 515. The park has a ball field, an outdoor rink with concrete
platform, a brand new skateboard park (one of the best in the south-east of New Brunswick), a trail system and a kid’s
jungle gym park (under construction). For more information, please contact Yvette Cormier at 955-3717.
Ice and Concrete rink
The outdoor rink has a
concrete base surrounded by
boards, fences at the ends.
This year will be the first year
that a Zamboni will be used to
maintain the ice between the
months of December and
March. As for the rest of the
year, the rink will be used for
ball hockey or other special
Skateboard Park
This new addition is a
favourite with the younger
residents. It is not only
popular with people from
Saint-Paul but there have
been some as far away as
Sussex and Fredericton.
The trail system is currently
under construction and will be
done in three phases. We are
currently at phase one.
Sand Box Park
The jungle gym is also under
construction. When completed,
it will have some small
equipment for kids inside the
large sand box.
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