- Golden Age Club
The Golden Age Club of Saint-Paul would like to inform you that your club is available to anyone who wishes to rent it. Family
reunions, baby showers, dance club, dart club, youth club, etc. are all activities that can be had at the club. If there is a need
during weekdays because a group would like to play cards or darts, we will make the club available, as long as someone takes
responsibility. One of the conditions for using the club is to accept responsibility if damages occur and, to either fix the damages
or pay for the repairs.

Title:                        Name:                                        Telephone:            
President                 Leandre Bastarache                Home: (506) 955-3091        Cell: (506) 878-3390    
Refusal to rent the club will occur, if previous uses of the
premises by the said person or group caused damage and
repairs were not done or paid for.

Your club is there for your convenience and usage. For
rental fees and conditions, contact a member of the club's
executive committee which is listed below.
Contact us